Undies For All

Restore dignity.
Renew confidence.

Undies For All provides access to hygiene, necessities, and support for displaced women and girls nationwide.

Our mission

Underwear, though an essential need for all humans, are among the least donated items. Due to this shortage, women and girls are especially vulnerable to infections, diseases, and reproductive complications. Undies For All aims to promote health and well-being by distributing underwear and other necessities nationwide.

We believe that everyone has the right to dignity, to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. That’s why we are 100% committed to donating underwear to women around the world.

Join us in our mission by donating online or mailing us new undies, and by spreading the word to your friends.

Where we give


Women and girls in shelters experience some of the lowest levels of dignity and confidence, especially when it comes to hygiene.

In our mission to help women and children around the world, we have partnered with shelters in multiple cities to give out undies to those in need. By donating underwear, we help women recover from trauma, find confidence, and gain dignity.


Being a girl in school should be fun and free, not filled with worry or embarrassment. We want girls to be comfortable, confident and proud of themselves so that they can perform to their highest potential.

We donate underwear to schools nationwide, ensuring that girls have the opportunity to learn without feeling conscious about what others think of them.